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[Nettime-bold] Not macht erfinderisch (Re: <nettime> Open Source Streaming Alliance)

Dont know how to translate this proverb properly and it has a double
meaning here, anyway:

> errors. Idea is very simple: when a user requests a content from one
> of the servers in the network, he/she gets redirected to the closest
> server relative to the Internet bandwidth topography. So, for example,
> a user from New York that wants to listen to radio from Belgrade gets
> seamlessly connected to a server in US, which on the other side
> requests a stream from server in Amsterdam, being provided by a stream
> from Belgrade. In that way, multiple users from US do not create
> multiple connections to the low bandwidth server behind the
> infra-structural terror in Serbia. Examples are numerous, but the basic


> idea is clear, generate as less redundant traffic protocol for
> streaming, and enable low bandwidth environments to rely on solidarity
> in streaming from the better situated sites. 
> Networking on the global level through multicast channels can create a
> diversity of content, and enable global accessibility for all
> voices. Advertising corporations have already realized the necessity to

"All voices", thats exactly the problems... "All voices is everybody, not
just all voices going via your forum.

> bring their messages simultaneously to metropoles of the market economy
> as well as to the distant villages in the underdeveloped
> counties. Hence, local delivery techniques and sites are expanding

And they devellopped allready the necessary standard. Dont have its name
at hand, but it is a standard for filtering too, sotosay a half open
filtering streaming cartel. 

> horizontally, through out the world, and vertically through the scale
> of wealth.

Bla, sorry, the design has nothing to do with money

> Internet radio stations that use MP3 are just enumerable, and are
> making their networks easy, exchanging content and streams. Temporary

It should be trivial to turn live mp3 stations into live mpeg video
stations. I think there are groups in the Linux world allready working on
this questioon. But this does change nothing in the mentioned "all
voices" problem when it comes to bigger audiences.

And, btw, "internet radio stations" is rather obscure. Live is no value in
itself. Radio on demand, sotosay, could be just some mp3 files on any
server. Simple http.. The delivery problem, "all voices" could be raised
also in this case, if you think about it.

> Open Source project, [6]. Darwin streaming servers for QuickTime have
> proven be very stable, sophisticated and capable of a relatively

Cupertino sux too.

> other. The first step is already made: an OpenStreamingNetwork mailing
> list, [9], and it is certain that group of centers signed in to the
> list will establish the network very soon. Now?

> [9] http://www.egroups.com/group/OpenStreamingNetwork

I am playing with some much more simple, see
http://www.uni-bonn.de/~uzs106 .
Dont know how usefull it is or might be in the future, heard that Windows
NT can stream also with video/mpeg as the MIME type ("Download" at the
mentioned URL), any comments on this welcome ;-)



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