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[Nettime-bold] nonsensical artifacts

When installing the clock battery or the unit be wrongly operated, maybe
it will cause the LCD to show abnormal figures or the colons of clock stop
blinking or even not display at all, use toothpick or any equivalent to
sting the RESET HOLE (12) slightly so that the clock system will reset to
its normal and initial condition. If not necessary do not try to sting the
RESET hole.

data survive all hope of learning. 
but hope must learn how to survive the data.

(He'd gaze on her illicitly in her sleep, when her musculature dropped its
guard and returned to its preexistence, those terms before pain, before
gravity, before the assault of sunlight, before the awful contortions that
the public mirror induced in all faces...) 

     The investment portfolios of those surveyed illustrate how much faith
technology professionals have in their own sector. 

... the simulation played on the chief insight of the information age: the
interchangeability of data and command... 

Deist Deities: 
   the simpliest test 
      for any futures game
         consisted in finding out whether
            it could predict the past.

But... did small errors of assumption - miscues in the continuous
conversation - propagate through the system, breeding phantom spikes and
dives, nonsensical artifacts, spurious squalls from out of the blank
boundaries of forecast...

Every cripplied life a restored landscape...

>  massive bars of light eroded the stones. 
>  you shrank to nothing in the size
>  of it. but you did not disappear.

They scared you, the way they watched you with eyes narrowed into black
lines, the way they ate with their hands. the way they wouldn't talk. what
you didn't know was that from those years of wordless nights on the river
and silent days in the woods they had developed a kind of language of
their own, a language of the eyes, of the fingers, of the way a shoulder
moved, a nod of the head. 

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