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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Water-shedding

Not that it matters here, but I've never seen myself as a "writer" or
"mostly" anything. If it's defined in terms of bytes, my videowork comes
out ahead. If it's defined in terms of practice, probably the soundwork. 
In terms of dissemination, some of the online pieces and collaborations.
I tend to think of myself working in whatever medium seems reasonable and
necessary for the project at hand - however "medium" may be deconstructed.

As far as the clean and proper body (Kristeva) of the cdrom, yes; it won't
otherwise _run,_ and one doesn't have to talk about a book _running._ And
books do take on the auratic quality of personal history and intimacy. But
I would think instead of _other_ modes -

Home video, home cds, television, cable television, Net art, film includ-
ing Imax, video games, not to mention the "blanks" of dvd, cdrom-r, cdrom-
rw, audio and video tape, etc. all of which are storage devices for hand-
ling work that can't otherwise be (re)produced. My work, is in greater
alignment with these. If we were confined to the personalism of the book,
we'd throw out, in fact, almost all of contemporary artistic practice.


On Tue, 26 Sep 2000, Phil Graham wrote:

> At 08:34 AM 25/09/00 -0400, Joshua Goldberg wrote:
> >"Anyone working as a digital artist is building castles made of sand."
> >
> >-- Jaron Lanier.
> >
> >I suppose Alan Sondheim can be forgiven for being mostly a writer.
> Why would a person need "forgiveness" for being a writer? Are you 
> dispensing forgiveness to all us writers? Would you also forgive musicians 
> too, since they are even more prehistoric than writers?
> Isn't writing, any sort of writing whether digitised or otherwise, an art form?
> What a strange and condescending post.
> Please forgive me for writing this question.
> Phil
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