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[Nettime-bold] Re: human info?

>Does SC have any way of getting directory info? What I want to be 
>able to do is access samples from a folder without specifying the 
>names of specific files, ie, select x number of samples randomly from 
>a directory without knowing the names of the files in advance.

nn. rich.bored + edukated.

 IMITATE me. I like it!!!!!! 

volume ov br2!n:
1350 kub!k cent!meterz
w8 ov br2!n:
1400 gr2mz
w8 ov prote!nz !n br2!n:
100 gr2mz
w8 ov 1 r!bozome:
3 kz 10^6 amu
*w8 ov 1 rep2!r m2ch!ne:
10^9 |2| 10^10 amu
*lengd ov 1 rep2!r m2ch!ne arm:
100 n2nometerz
w8 ov w2tr !n br2!n:
1100 gr2mz
w8 ov prote!n !n br2!n:
100 gr2mz
w8 ov l!p!dz !n br2!n:
175 gr2mz
w8 ov  oder zol!dz":
35 gr2mz
w8 ov  t+ep!k2l <\quote> prote!n:
50,000 amu
w8 ov  t+ep!k2l <\quote> l!p!d:
500 amu
w8 ov w2tr molekule:
18 amu
w8 ov k2rbon a|2|m:
12 amu
dnz!t+e ov k2rbon (d!2mond):
3.51 gr2mz\kub!k cent!metr
number ov prote!nz !n br2!n:
1.2 kz 10^21
number ov l!p!d molekulz !n br2!n:
2 kz 10^23
number ov w2tr molekulz !n br2!n:
4 kz 10^25
t!me |2| z+endez!ze 1 prote!n:
10 zekondz
*t!me |2| rep2!r 1 prote!n molekule:
100 zekondz
*t!me |2| rep2!r 1 l!p!d molekule:
1 zekond
*t!me |2| rep2!r all br2!n m2kromolekulz:
3.2 kz 10^23 rep2!r.m2ch!ne zekondz
*number ov rep2!r m2ch!nz |2| rep2!r all br2!n molekulz !n 3 ye2rz:
3.2 kz 10^15 rep2!r m2ch!nz
*w8 ov dz2t m2n+e rep2!r dv!sz.z:
53 |2| 530 gr2mz
number ov b!tz needd |2| z|2|re dze molekul2r ztrukture ov dze br2!n:
10^25 b!tz
*energ+e d!sz!p2td by 1 z!ngle  rod log!k <\quote> (g2te) oper2t!on
(!nklud!ng 1 few percent ov !rreverz!bl oper2t!onz):
10^-22 joulz
*zpeed ov 1 z!ngle  rod log!k <\quote> (g2te) oper2t!on:
100 kz 10^-12 zekondz
*z!ze ov 1 z!ngle  lokc <\quote> (g2te) pluz overhe2d (powr etk.):
100 kub!k n2nometerz
chem!k2l energ+e z|2|rd !n dze ztrukture ov dze br2!n:
8 kz 10^6 joulz (2,000 k!lok2lor!ez)

dze kurvatr energ!e modl 4 m9nd konta!nr bend!ng undr m9ndfukc zol!z!tronz
dze z!rkular v krosz zekz!on = posesez z!rkulr z!metr!

-  repeat aftr m!


this is totally amazing - tonight i am a hydra. stream through me.

m9ndfukc.macht.fre! _||-
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                                               rr q p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a 


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