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[Nettime-bold] Yugoslavia - file closed

Now it's September 25, 2000, 6 a.m. in Belgrade, and some things are
obvious here:
1. Milosevic's defeat is so heavy that it can't be cosmeticized by any
2. There will be neither the Army nor the police intervention. There
will be no civil war.
3. It's hard to imagine even how Milosevic could change the electional
results in order to fight out the second round.
4. Two political figures are blown away: Milosevic and Draskovic.
In the transition period Serbia will have the bipolar political life:
ruling DOS coalition and socialist minority. Seselj and Draskovic are
out of the game.
The 24th of September was not only the choice between Milosevic and
no-Milosevic. It was also the choice between Yugoslavia and Serbia. The
proportion is 2:1 for Serbia. Serbs very convincingly told what's their
true opinion about the Milosevic's vision of Yugoslavia. They don't give
a fuck for it.
We all loved Yugoslavia during Tito. Then Milosevic came and made a kind
of new Yugoslavia in 1992, but from its very beginning nobody sincerely
loved that country as an idea. But that idea kept persisting as a part
of Milosevic's "continuity"-ideology. Now Serbs really decided to try
something new without Milosevic and all his ideas. So, there's no need
for Yugoslavia any more. Especially now, with all paradoxes and
nonsenses with the Montenegrin role in the federation. It seems likely
that Montenegro will separate in peace.
Everything what will happen here within the next few days and weeks will
be boring. No spectacle - only a pathetic sunset of a political
structure. Could you imagine so banal end?
Ladies and gentlemen, try to get used to the world without Milosevic.
Begin to think about what to do now.
You know, the name of the guy you have to deal with now is Kostunica.
And maybe soon there will be no .yu domain any more.
Aleksandar Gubas


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