P[urrsonal]A[reah]N[etwurker] on 24 Sep 2000 12:39:01 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] co.joined mobile hom[pill.]age


[motez of suit[N gowned]able lengthz, d-signed to carrie ova substantial
dista[i]n.ces or short n-[darth]vade[r]d skeletopoints]

<<attach cojoined>>

[or falling that, a land[n-trave[l]nous]line of suitable qualitee, mapped
and co-joined]

<<parri with>>

[tw[sk]ins stretched taunt, lapping at s[titched]ilk vests of blood N
cartilage N bone, breasts meld & eyez 4 in a bodie 4 1]

<<para[graphic].lleled with mobile phon[eme]icz>>

[umbili.caul reminderz, happy widows N mourn.full muthahs mouth lozt loss]

<<joined 2>>

[networks failin, minds hell b[odi burrowed bi 2]ent, systems reach break
[match]point, dok.tor[ture]z den[y][bi r]ote]

[genial geni.tall[ore short, blackened bi bio.l[ingual]ogical
bound[s]aries], eyez wide shuttered in2 a forcefield ov information, 2 cut
or not 2 sew, that iz the questing...]

<<aligned withe>>

[a con.neck.tion burroughed uberground, short sharp shifts of wurdz,
locations gelled in2 a mass of text, WAP meeting WORD meeting windozing in
the sun....]

[public meetz pubic, lab[ia]elled beneath the gaze of flesh 2fold[ed in2
itself, sister-stitched ore g[ossip]abbing reachz digital tendrils in2
private spaces meant 4 loss, warped words n-vading funerals &

[a[h!] shock ov the viewer, bodies n-twin[ned], siamese in dream onlee,
torquers on the line, 1 is buzy, n-gaged, routed in2 sequen[tial]ces, the
other, n-quire.her, resplendent in her loss, touchtalked in2 a numbed comms

<<Siamesed 1nce>>
<<now cut>> 
<<cordz snapped>> 
<<comms static>> 

<<point[alistic] mut[at]e[d]]>>.


data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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