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[Nettime-bold] opening today sept 22 : pavu.com [GNou Tongs PLan] #2 - Shower anew degree of what!

dear friends and colleagues

OPENING today september 22 at 6.00 pm GMT + 2 with IRC SPECIAL event (see


------      SHOWER - A new degree of What : http://pavu.com/shower

a new amazing clean international multisex show around the planets with
mixes and movies - hot and cool!

provided by a prestigious line-up of academicians starring by alphabetical
order :

arcangel, bien, eric chabrely, d2b, dan, dindon, dream7, fbwn.net, greg-c,
mario hergueta, gh hovagimyan, ianc, jodi, jerome joy, jutempus, yael
kanarek, jan robert leegte, peter luining, frederic madre, mashica, mi-ga,
mouchette, netochka nezvanova, notf, eryk salvaggio, igor stepancic, tinaZ
and the pavu.com team

Ever dreamed of combining political commitment and pleasure ? It's now
possible. Shop all informative objects available in the first shop of the
Nelia Market (New Eco Logical informative arts) and Create your own GNou
Found Land !
More Info ? Just be on time for the opening!


Play and win GNoudies on irc pavu.com chatroom tonight !
Equipment provided by the pavu.com Sporting club !

IRC rendez-vous : 6.00 pm GMT+2
fast java access page : http://www.pavu.com/irc/index.html

Technical infos for IRC clients
server: irc.webmaster.com
port : 6667 or 7000
channel : #pavu

Provided Extras :  Bar, cocktails, amuses-gueules...


Thank you for your attention, thank you for your support

Wishing you the best, always

the pavu.com TEAM
paul dupouy - Chief president
jean-philippe halgand - Executive director
clement thomas - Officer general
-/ stop it before you fall in love /-


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