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Take a part in this culinary art party!!! 

Send us your recipe and in September 2000 you can see your food being
recreated during the live transmitted party in two locations

Food is the most material thing imaginable, it is perceived and valued
on the basis of stimulation of all of our senses => SIGHT, HEARING,
TOUCH, TASTE and SMELL. Even it is so essential we often forget its
significancy - how many symbols, cultural signs and stories it carries. 

The COOKING project, the process of collecting the recipes and
recreating food according to them should alegorise experience with
information and telepresence of new media. 

A RECIPE is an abstract form of the food, the way of its immortality.
The participant of this project sends the recipe via computer where it
is transformed into binary units and after that it becomes readible
email again. Later evolves in food. 

The recipe obtained through internet carries none of celebrated values
or certificate of  rightness, nor confirmation of being "truthful". It
can happen to be a fiction, a dream, a wish, an experiment or a set of
instructions that can not be realised because of technical  problems (if
the process of cooking doesn't continue as described) or
misundertandings (mistakes made by transmission of abstract form of the
food - the information). 

Cooking with these recipes is a magic recreation - fullfilment of the
imaginary. The final product is a VERSION of the intended food (the
authenticity of this version depends on how succesful was the food's
transmission in the form of recipe) and can go through the confrontation
with the original author via live transmission streaming the party where
participiants consume the results of the whole process. 

      With your recipe you can also leave the link to your homepage.

michaela vlkova
school of new media, prague

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