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[Nettime-bold] DEAF 2000 - Machine Times, Rotterdam, 14-26 Nov 2000

DEAF 2000 - Machine Times

Rotterdam, 14 - 26 November 2000

(main festival week: 14-19 nov)

*DEAF - Dutch Electronic Art Festival

DEAF, the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, is an international and
interdisciplinary bi-annual festival organised by V2_Organisation in
Rotterdam (Netherlands). DEAF presents an exhibition of interactive
installations, WWW-sites, CD-roms and live performances, seminars,
workshops and an academic symposium, all brought together in relation to a
special theme. The event brings together a varied group of visitors,
artists and critics from home and abroad.

* Theme DEAF 2000 'Machine Times'

DEAF 2000 will deal with the theme of 'Machine Times'. After all the recent
millenial excitement, the festival will take a close look at the role which
time plays in the constitution of our technological reality. Ever since
Einstein's theory of relativity and Bergson's aesthetics, we have been
aware that time forms an indispensible dimension of the reality that
surrounds us, and of the way in which we perceive this reality.

Temporal structures are built into technological apparatuses, from
chronometers and industrial machines, to the frequencies of radios and
computers with their ever-increasing processing speeds. But time is also an
essential part of our natural existence, our bodies being time machines in
themselves, with biological cycles and cellular aging mechanisms. Movement
in time is the way in which we perceive, maybe even constitute space, and
the most radical boundary of nature is made up of the speed of light,
beyond which we transgress into the utopian terrain of time-travel.

DEAF 2000 will investigate the phenomenon of time through a variety of
formats, in art projects, performances, lectures and film screenings.

For updates about the festival, watch the DEAF website and subscribe to the
DEAF_info mailing list.

[Note: There is no open call for the festival. The festival has a rather
strict curatorial policy and we really focus on the theme described above.
While we welcome related proposals, we want to discourage people from
sending in projects that not really relate to the theme. There is no
application form for submitting proposals.]

DEAF 2000
Eendrachtsstraat 10
NL-3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: 31.(0)10.206.7272
fax: 31.(0)10.206.7271

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