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[Nettime-bold] For the Recently "Dis-appeared" File: Number 19


(All from Section A, New York Times, March 24, 2000 . . .)

Item:  "New Campus High: Illicit Prescription Drugs" (page A1)

"HARTFORD, Conn. . . . 'Even if it feels bad, it's just that it's something 
that feels different,' said Peter LaBier, an art major at Vassar College in 
Poughkeepsie, NY.  'There's just this urge with kids my age to derange your 


Item:  "On Road to Human Genome, A Milestone in the Fruit Fly" (Page A1)

"PITTSBURGH, Penn. . . . Opening a new window in the mysteries of animal 
design and the nature of life, biologists described here today how they had 
decoded almost the entire genetic rule book for making the Drosophila fruit 
fly, an organism whose study is deeply interwoven with the progress of modern 
biology . . . [Caption: Drosophila (fully assembled)] . . . [Caption: What 
all the fuss is about: the Drosophila fruit fly, an organism that needs 
surprisingly few genetic instructions to be created] . . ."


Item: "Sixth Grader Takes Gun Into Classroom" (Page A15)

"LISBON, Ohio . . . A 12 year-old who told authorities that he wanted to be 
with his mother in jail briefly held his sixth-grade class at gunpoint before 
a teacher persuaded him to give up the weapon . . . Police officials did not 
immediatedly confirm whether the mother was in jail . . ."


Oh, the "dis-appeared" HUMANITY of it all,

Mark Stahlman

P.S. Next Wednesday night, I will be (re-?)appearing on a panel discussing 
"Privacy: New Media Technologies" at New York's famous "communist" outpost, 
the NEW SCHOOL.  When the National Security Establishment (NSE) learned where 
I would be speaking and the chosen topic, they gave me a special message to 
disseminate . . . but you'll have to be there to hear it.

Yes, I will be taking the LINE that you can't have any privacy (nope, none at 
all) if you don't exist . . . that is, if you've "dis-appeared" -- the common 
condition of "humanity" in these time(S).  No, that is not the message which 
I will be delivering from the NSE . . . it's much more interesting than that. 
 Trust me! <g>

I'm told that I can COMP as many as I'd like so contact me if you wish to get 
"on the list" . . . otherwise feel free to re-post the following "official" 
notice far and wide . . .


ON SITE: Wed., March 29, 8:00/ON LINE: March 30-April 13

New York, NY - To explore one aspect of how technology is transforming
our lives, The New School will present a panel on "Privacy and New Media
Technologies" on Wednesday, March 29 at 8 p.m. at The New School, 66
West 12th Street.  The panel is organized and moderated Peter Haratonik,
Senior Fellow, The Rose and Erwin Wolfson Center for National Affairs at
The New School, and will also include panelists: Mark Stahlman, New
Media Associates, and Reg Whitaker, author of The End of Privacy: How
Total Surveillance Is Becoming a Reality.
With the Internet and even newer communication technologies, many
aspects of our lives will undergo tensions and strains of great
magnitude as old ways of thinking and acting are upset. How might our
sense of "self" be changed by all this, and will there be any private
space at all for that self?

This program will be continued in a free online public dialogue from
March 30 through April 13 at The New School's Cyberspace Campus at

Tickets $5.  Free to Students.  Tickets are available by phone with a
credit card at 212 229-5488 or in person at The New School Box Office,
66 West 12th Street (between 5th and 6th Ave.), main floor, during Box
Office hours, Mon. through Fri. from 5 to 8 p.m.

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