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[Nettime-bold] 1st online NET.ART shop || the lfoundation strategy

subject: 1st online NET.ART shop || the lfoundation strategy

concept: sell & treat NET.ART as shareware
manual:  lfoundation pieces are interactive shockwave movies that are
nag screen protected. when a piece is licensed, nag screen will removed
+ name of buyer will be displayed on first page of piece. price a piece
is DM 50. pieces can be bought online at

description: interactive shockwave movies
mime type: shareware
browser versions: Netscape 3+, Microsoft Explorer 4+
plugin: MacroMedia shockwave 7+
sound: yes
protection: nag popup screen every n- seconds
price license: DM 50/ EURO 25,56
license implication 1: name of licensee will be displayed on first
license implication 2: nag screen that will popup every n-seconds will
be removed, so licensee can enjoy piece undisturbed

URL for demo engine 6.382.514.297

URL for demo engine

shockwaves movies by lfoundation are now for sale at ARTCART

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