Christine Treguier on Fri, 17 Mar 2000 19:16:56 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] VR artpiece against "humanitarian war"

I'd like to let you know about a recent VR artwork I have been
producing with Les Virtualistes.

The title of the piece is  "Article 30", and it focuses on the brand
new concept of "humanitarian war" vs human rights

A first presentation will occur on friday march 24th, the anniversary
date of NATO's intervention in Kosovo, at :
Societe Virale - Cimetiere Global organised by Peyotl
Acces Local - 15 rue Martel - 75010 Paris
Friday march 24 19H/24H and saturday march 25 15H/24H




 ARTICLE 30 :  Nothing in this Declaration may
be interpreted as implying for any State, group
or person any right to engage in any activity
to perform any act aimed at the destruction of
any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

« Article 30 » is a labyrinth inhabited by images, images of war,
misery and human sufferings, images of the planet’s syndromes,
skillfully distillated by media so as to vanish into oblivion.

The labyrinth is used as a metaphor of the world’s non-sense, of a
surveillance and control society and of our own feeling of
helplessness: we wander in this world looking for an exit, a solution.
We are submitted to its randomness, with no real clue for changing it.
Should we therefore agree to be passive observers? Our presence
affects directly our environment. Interaction is the word. But is it?
Turn right or left, hear or listen, see or watch, forgo or make use of
our freewill and all its embedded consequences?

When facing an image, the space fills up with voices, echoing
presences reading one by one, in ten languages, the 30 articles of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Reminding us that we all bear
responsibilities for the disorders of the planet. Responsible we are.
For doing nothing. For willingly respecting them or not. For the
choice of weapons and for endorsing the ensued collateral damages.

« Article 30 » raises the issue of « humanitarian war », the last
end-of-the century avatar of humanitarian action, in complete
contradiction with article 30 of the Declaration it claims to respect.
The recent interventions of the «international community» - in
Somalia, Kosovo, East Timor - are obvious signs of a new world order
proclaimed by the states - America in first position - which have
enough military might to ignore international laws and public opinion.
They are nothing but gruesome games of influence, killing 90% of civil
victims on behalf of an absurb «zero death» objective.

© Les Virtualistes 2000
Pascal Schmitt, Christine Treguier, Erik Adelbert, Yasha
Hervé Arnoud, Paul Brock, Stéphane Daloz
with the assistance of Virtual Presence Ltd

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