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[Nettime-bold] Sony cooperates in DVD Access Restriction by Region

Sony's PlayStation2 Contains Glitch

Updated 11:44 AM ET March 17, 2000

TOKYO (AP) - Sony Corp.'s video game unit said Friday it will replace
software for its new PlayStation2 game machine to fix a programming bug that
allows it to run foreign digital video discs.

The DVD player was mistakenly programmed with a code that allows it run
movie disks sold outside Japan, said Kenichi Fukunaga, a spokesman for Sony
Computer Entertainment.

"This may not be a bad thing from a user's perspective, but as a company we
have a responsibility to uphold software copyright agreements," Fukunaga

Makers of DVD players have agreed to program the machines to play only movie
discs that are sold in the same region, i.e. DVD players sold in Europe will
only play discs sold in Europe.

Sony, which is marketing the PlayStation2 as the centerpiece for digital
home entertainment, has shipped 1 million of the machines since the March 4

Sony says the system will go on sale in the United States before Christmas.

The consumer electronics giant is counting on the successor to its hit
PlayStation to extend its lead over rivals Nintendo Co. and Sega Enterprises
Inc. in the $20 billion global market for video games.

The bug is the second widely reported flaw of the PlayStation2. Last week,
Sony acknowledged that the game system's detachable memory card can in rare
cases erase data that runs the system and the DVD player, rendering the
console useless.


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