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On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Conor McGarrigle wrote:

> There is no application fee - some artist gets 50 grand, where's the
> downside? Where I come from they have a word for this - begrudgery

Yes, yes. I _do, I _do "begrudge."  (And well-in-advance of the pathetic
outcome.) (If nothing else think about the hundreds of low-income San
Francisco residents displaced by this 'urban-renewal' SFMOMA

(There _is a Webby fee. A recent NY-Times article quoted Webby official
parasites ensuring _well-over a thousand $50 applicants.)

But even if there _wasn't a silly, DIVISIVE award...

Slip-slip-sliding-away... again!

Can't you see what is happening? You don't have to put-up with this crap.  

I used to sort-of understand how long-oppressed artists _might be
compelled to accept whatever little random dribble might be offered from
their institutional-oppressors... no-matter-what because that was all that
they might-if-they-were-lucky-and-kissed-the-right-asses-ever-expect. It
was _more about blindly presumed and delayed promise -- pervertedly
perpetually displaced possibility. But NOW?

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