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from NY Arts Magazine    NEWSLETTER    for Friday,  March 3, 2000

** Art in General Presents Making Waves: Arts, Cultural Context, & the New  
Millennium. Part I: Tower of Babel: The future of Culture and Identity in the 
Arts.   Moderator: Thulani Davis, Panelists include C. Daniel Dawson, Luis  
Francia, Maria Elena Gonzalez, Howardena Pindell, and Steed Taylor.     Video 
Screening: Sadie Benning, Flat is Beautiful  @ Tishman Auditorium, The  New 
School for Social Research  7-10pm      Tel. 219-0511

** Artists Talk on Art, Panelists; Cathey Billian, Agnes Denes, Mimi Smith,     
Jackie Winsor, moderator Joan Arbeiter artist and co-author of Lives and    
Works, Talks with Women Artists, Vol. 2  @ Phoenix Gallery 8pm ($6 General  
admission /$5 Students & Seniors) Tel. 965-9515

** A Memorial Celebration For Quentin Crisp   @ Cooper Union 7pm  
        With tributes by Sylvia Miles, Ned Rorem, Tom Steele, Stephen           
    Sorrentino and John Hurt Tel. 741-3807

** The Ides of March: The Handwritings on the Wall. 70 artists on 4 floors. 
        @ ABC No Rio  8pm Tel. 254 3697

Openings:  Friday, March 3, 2000
        Brooke Alexander (David Bunn) 6-8
        Nikolai Fine Art (Thierry Alet) 6-9
        Stephen Cohen Gallery (Amy Arbus, Sally Gall) 7-9
        ABC No Rio (The Ides of March, The Handwritings on the Wall) 8-
        The Drawing Center (James Castle) 6-8
        Chac Mool Gallery (Darryl Pottorf) 6-9
        Exhibit A (Greg Leshe) 5-8
        Gallery Juno (Michael Brain Retrospective) 6-8
        Barbara Gladstone Gallery “Boetti Works on Paper” 6-8
        Catherine Moore Fine Art (Linda Bradford) 6-9
        U-C-U (Steve Miller) 6-8
        Collection Dobe (Herbert Beck) 6-8

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