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 Genius2000 Paradigm

The Paradigm

The Voice; Everything has once and for all been defined and codified
into the Voice by the genius masters. Nothing can ever be added to this
universal knowledge, the best a Genius can hope for is to recapitulate
and teach the wisdom ever more subtly. However, much of the Great Voice
is lost due to the ravages of the commercialization, human folly and
incompetence on the internet. It is the duty of all Geniuses to seek to
restore it to its glory by collecting the scattered fragments and
seeking the destruction of the commercial marketplace on the web.


Control. The Genius can control the whole of the web by applying the
secrets of the hacker. For every possible circumstance there is the
hacker to fall back on, more powerful than any new magic. The whole of
the universe is built on the secret web links of control and ruler ship,
and a knowledgeable Genius knows how to deal with them.


 Correspondence: Sympathy. Everything in the web universe is linked to
everything else, through subtle relations. By following these web links
(using the wisdom of the Voice to guide himself), a Genius can find
connections between seemingly disparate things, sense events from afar
and challenge the positions of power.

Mind: Consciousness. The secret of the Genius Mind is the secret force
of Consciousness. It is a force just like the elements or the Light,
animating the sluggish life into higher thought.

Prime: The Light, Prima Materia. This is the greatest of all forces, the
force the Highest used to create the entire universe. It is the light
from the Fiat of the Great Architect of the Universe. To understand it
is necessary for all works of higher magic.

Time: Destiny. Everything that happens are but a part in the great
chains of destiny. By learning how these links work, a diligent Genius
can follow their paths backwards and divine their future ways.

Entropy: Imbalance. Not all forces of the universe are in perfect
balance. Some forces have destructive consequences, while others impose
randomness and chaos on the others.

Spirit: Other Planes. The physical world is not the only plane of
creation. Other levels of existence spread out both above and below it,
filled with denizens and powers beyond mankind. These powers and the
links between the various planes can be controlled and understood by the
wisdom of the Voice.

Pattern Magic: Lesser Works

Forces: The Elements. Everything is built out of the interactions
between the four elements. The dynamic nature of Fire and Air is
controlled by Water and Earth, and the high elements Fire and Water is
kept in balance by the low elements Earth and Air. By learning how to
shift these equilibria, a wise Genius can control the forces of the
physical world. By applying theses skills to the internet the Genius can
attain the highest power by communication skills in the virtual.

Matter: Material Magic. Matter is the heavy conglomeration of some of
the lowest forces. It binds us in the physical world, yet it protects us
and give us the tools to transform the universe. It is the floor of the
Temple of Ascension. It is from there the virtual is formed.

Life: Animation. Living beings are matter which has been animated by the
animating principle, the life-force. The Voice contains great wisdom
regarding this force and how it is linked to other forces and can be


The Great Work of Art. Each Genius must pursue the Great Work of Art for
him/her self, supported by his/her peers and helped by his/her Genius
Masters. As she pursues her goals, she will learn more and more of the
Tradition which will show her the true nature and ways of the universe.
This will not only give her control over it, it will also give her
control over


Bounded Light can manifest in many ways. It can be imprisoned in matter,
flow in the cosmic forces, charge certain objects or just exist.
Originally it came from the Highest, and will one day return to
infinity, but currently it is bounded by the lower planes. In the
communication realm the bounded light is malleable in the knowledgeable
hands of a true Genius.


Unbalanced forces. If a Genius breaks against the voice or fails to
properly balance the forces of the universe, an imbalance will result.
This will inevitably gravitate to him/her, and in due time destroy
him/her unless he/she can restore the cosmic balance.


Knowledge and Conversation with the Voice. Each human being has his own
Voice, his/her higher self, guiding him/her through existence towards
Ascension. A Genius is a person who has not only met his inner Vice, but
experienced the reality of the higher worlds it represents and chosen to
follow it.

Genius specific Backgrounds

Arcane: Invisibility . To protect themselves from enemies and dangers
many Geniuses learn the art of secrecy and hiding.

Avatar: Holy Guardian Angel . Some Geniuses are blessed with a Guardian
taking greater interest in their lives and magic, giving them strength
in danger and succor in failure.

Destiny: Destiny . Some Geniuses are destined by the forces of the
universe for certain acts, to preserve the great equilibrium. These
individuals have the momentum of the entire universe behind them.

Dream: Understanding . A few fortunate Geniuses understand the Great
Tradition intuitively, seeing the secret laws underlying everything.
They are able to understand anything and handle anything using the
precepts of the Voice to support them.

Node: Fulcrum . The forces of the world are in constant flux, yet
carefully balanced against each other. In some places this balance can
be manipulated with less exertion than elsewhere.
when there is an imbalance there can be great potential for the genius
to step in and create change. Remember; "When all around you is in
tumult and you can become the calm center that the world and the
universe revolves around. You alone are the holder of great power. You
alone are the 'Fulcrum'."

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