Heiko Recktenwald on Wed, 1 Mar 2000 14:08:19 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> "I will determine who is pure, respectable andupstanding" - Haider

Sorry to make such a pedantic remark:

> mother tongue, not some dark-skinned foreign guys.  And especially not
> "bushmen" (literally bushniggers,  A.) as Haider likes to call them: "Where
> will we be when any bushmen will have a chance to provide medical treatment
> to our fellow Austrians?" (Haider speaking about a new medical law, Der
> Standard, October 13, 1998).  Despite the fact that Haider attended summer
> school at Harvard during in the last couple of years, he doesn't seem to
> get that such enunciations violate human rights codes. Helen Partil-Pable

No, it doesnt "violate" anything, its free speach !!

As long as he doesnt practice what he is talking, and I dont know where
such an "violation" would start. 

I would be interested inhowmuch Haider believes what he is talking.

Politicians talk a lot, and he is "a modern leader". Austria and Sport,
its part of the image of the country. There is the omnipresent fat CNN
guy, well, but the german correspondent looked very sporty too, his shirt.
This pseudo armani Miami Vice style, terrible, and I ask myself, if this
isnt tactics too. And everything in the funny Schoenbrunn etc world....

Am I the only one who knows "Wiener Brut" ?

A lot of interesting aspects, one is how "opinionmaking" works, mmmaybe.


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