MichaŽl van Eeden on Wed, 1 Mar 2000 13:55:42 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Nettime offers new flavours

Nettime offers new flavours

We have added new channels for nettime content. New is nettime-bold, the
*unmoderated* version of the nettime list. It contains everything that is
sent to nettime-l regardless of it being approved by the moderators or not.
It is also possible to sent messages directly to nettime-bold. This is
likely to be a heavy traffic list and it can also be received as a daily

Nettime does not only operate in English. Besides the Dutch-language
nettime, nettime-nl, which has been active for several years now, two new
lists have been opened recently. A French-language nettime, nettime-fr, and
one in Romanian, nettime-ro.

Below you can find the basic information to all the lists. If you do
nothing, you will remain subscribed to the moderated nettime-l and nothing
will change. If you would like to switch, or add another subscription,
please do so.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in contact with us.

The moderators of the international (English) nettime list,

Mattew Fuller (London)
Michael van Eeden (Amsterdam)
Sebastian Luetgert (Berlin)
Pit Schultz (Berlin)
Felix Stalder (Toronto)
Geert Lovink (Amsterdam)
Katrien Jacobs (Boston)
Ted Byfield (New York)
Scot McPhee (Sydney)

++ English Nettime Lists ++

## nettime-l
Moderated nettime-l list as is.
posts: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net
(un)subscribe & archive: http://www.nettime.org/nettime-l
human contact: nettime@bbs.thing.net

## nettime-bold
New unmoderated nettime list.
posts: nettime-l@bbs.thing.net or nettime-bold@nettime.org
(un)subscribe & archive: http://www.nettime.org/nettime-bold
(nettime-bold can also be received as a daily digest)
human contact: nettime@bbs.thing.net

++ Non-English Nettime Lists ++

## nettime-nl
Nettime list in Dutch as is.
posts: nettime-nl@nettime.org
(un)subscribe & archive: http://www.nettime.org/nettime-nl
(nettime-nl can also be received as a daily digest)
human contact: Menno Grootveld <rabotnik@xs4all.nl>

## nettime-ro
Moderated nettime list in Romanian
posts: nettime-ro@nettime.org
(un)subscribe & archive: http://www.nettime.org/nettime-ro
(nettime-ro can also be received as a daily digest)
human contact:  Alexandru Patatics <ap@ambient.dnttm.ro>

## nettime-fr
Moderated nettime list in French
posts: nettime-fr@ada.eu.org
(un)subscribe & archive: http://www.nettime.org/nettime-fr
(nettime-fr can also be received as a daily digest)
human contact:  Nathalie Magnan <volt@cybercable.fr>

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