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<nettime-ann> Call: Critical Digital and Social Media Research Conference

Critical Digital and Social Media Research Conference
March 6-8, 2019
Umeå University

Organised by DIGSUM (Centre for Digital Social Research) at Umeå University and the CAMRI (Communication and Media Research Institute), University of Westminster

Keynote speakers: Mark Andrejevic, Christian Fuchs, Kylie Jarrett, Simon Lindgren, Evgeny Morozov, Tiziana Terranova

This combined symposium and PhD workshop aims at showing that critical theories, critical methodologies and critical practices are cornerstones of digital and social media research and how they act as tools for questioning big data fetishism and the dominance of overly data-driven analytics.

The event, aside from the keynotes, presents an opportunity for PhD students and postdocs to present a short paper and receive feedback from CAMRI and DIGSUM researchers, and prominent international participants.

Applications to take part in the conference are accepted on a running basis starting November 29 2018, and the first 16 candidates to be accepted will have their participation (all travels and accommodation) fully funded by DIGSUM and CAMRI.

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