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<nettime-ann> THE INFINITE GAME



- a 23 hours live action role play reading group

08.09.2018, 14.00 h - 09.09.2018 13.00 h

“Infinite players cannot say when their game began, nor do they care.
They do not care for the reason that their game is not bonded by time.
Indeed, the only purpose of the game is to prevent it from coming
to an end, to keep everyone in play.”

An inconspicuous casino in the heart of Kreuzberg, a formerly hermetic
atmosphere for habitual play has turned into a 23 hours open access
to an Infinite Game. Players enter the game by choosing a character
of the exhibition and join a collective reading and interpretation of
the book "Finite and Infinite Games" by James P. Carse.
The game can be entered and left at any time.

The Infinite Game is set within the background of Deep Nation,
a Live Action Roleplay Game designed by Omsk Social Club.

Kreuzberg Pavillon
Naunynstraße 53
10999 Berlin

Reading material :



14:00 h (Paragraph 01-04)
What are the limits of a game?

15:00 h (Paragraph 05-09)
Are rules oppressive and inhibit the play?

16:00 h (Paragraph 10-13)
How far do we go to have others act in complicity with us?

17:00 h (Paragraph 14-17)
What does education mean in a game?

18:00 h (Paragraph 18-21)
What does the achievement of titles mean?

19:00 h (Paragraph 22-24)
How do players die in a game?

20:00 h (Paragraph 25-28)
Does playing antagonize reality?

21:00 h (Paragraph 29-31)
Which term could stand in contrast to "power"?

22:00 h (Paragraph 32-37)
What do games have in common with politics and culture?

23:00 h (Paragraph 38-41)
Is property theatrical?


00:00 (Paragraph 42-50)
Can someone be free by opposing another?

01:00 h (Paragraph 51-53)

02:00 h (Paragraph 54-56)
What does the audience mean to a player?

03:00 h (Paragraph 57-62)
What is the matter of touch?

04:00 h (Paragraph 63-66)
What does a world mean in a game?

05:00 h (Paragraph 67-69)
Do games consume or generate time?

06:00 h (Paragraph 70-73)
Is nature a good opponent?

07:00 h (Paragraph 74-79)
Has language become the ultimate prize?

08:00 h (Paragraph 80-83)

09:00 h (Paragraph 84-86)
How to play with machinery?

10:00 h (Paragraph 87-89)
Who´s playing in the garden?

11:00 h (Paragraph 90-93)
What´s unveiled by waste?

12:00 h (Paragraph 94-96)

13:00 h (Paragraph 97-100)
Are players actors?


Hosting Players:
Sam Beca, April Gertler, Natasja Loutchko, Alexander Norton,
Marlene Stark, Acqua Traslucida, Vaida Stepanovaite

Characters by:
Maya Ben David, Naomi Bisley, Olga Mikh Fedorova, Ed Fornieles,
Isabella Fürnkäs, Else (Twin) Gabriel, Grete Gabriel,
Hulda Ros Gudnadottir, Omsk Social Club, Tarren Johnson,
Tom Kobialka, Farkhondeh Shahroudi

Setup : Tracey Snelling
Line Wobblers : Robin Baumgarten

The Infinite Game is part of Is It A Game?, a series of
game related exhibitions.
Is It a Game? is being initiated and curated by Heiko Pfreundt & Lisa Schorm.

Supported by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe


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