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The Sound
Silvio Foretić

03 - 10 . 09 . 2018
Gallery of the Center for Culture, Korčula
opening 3rd September 21 h

curated by Darko Fritz

This exhibition is the first gallery presentation of the oeuvre of a classic of the musical avant-garde, Silvije Foretić. The exhibition relates to the process of emerging and performing music, as well as the special treatment of the usage of semantic codes, close to Conceptual art.

In two compositions, Am schönen braunen Rhein (At the beautiful brown Rhine), for a salon orchestra, from 2001, and Soloists, for a string orchestra, from 2009, melodic-harmonical material resulted from a tone sequence whose alphabetical characters responded to the characters in the titles of the commissioners: SCHiFFErBoErSE DuiSBurG i ZAGrEBA(ČK)i solisti, which was a procedure of algorithmic re-coding close to the works of Conceptual and Media art.
Der achte Tag oder auf der Suche nach der Weissen Zeit (The eighth day or looking for the white age), mono melodrama for an actor and a tape from 1973, includes the part of the composition that are also the last strokes of the last compositions of some great names in music. In the recital Hamlet's Mon(d)ologue from 1972, the names of all the world countries are included.
This exhibition for the first time present one stage act as a separate work. That is sleeping under a piano, which the author has been performing as an opening act for his piano concerts in since 1964.

As a sort of intro to this exhibition, on August 19, 2018, within the program program Critical Tourism: The Opera of the Phantom, we presented the video of the dress rehearsal of the opera Marshall, accompanied with the conversation with the author, in Korčula Summer Cinema. Also, in 2017 we presented the electro-acoustic composition Balkanal (1968-1974), a joint-project by Silvije Foretić and Janko Jezovšek, who used swearing from Balkan as the text.

more info: http://sivazona.hr/events/silvio-foretic-zvuk

Gallery of the Center for Culture, Korčula
Dom kulture Korčula, Obala korčulanskih brodograditelja bb, Korčula
Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Friday 8-14, 15-20 h
Wednesday 8 - 14 h
free entrance

supported by
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia
Endowment Kultura Nova
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