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<nettime-ann> Reconsidering Value and Labour in the Digital Age.

Now (finally) available as paperback: Reconsidering Value and Labour in the Digital Age, ed. Eran Fisher & Christian Fuchs.

How do labour and value-production change in the age of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter?

The labour theory of value is one of the core tenets of Marx’s theory of historical materialism, and of his understanding of capitalism. It is the theory that connects value to class structure, and that unveils the exploitative social relations that lay behind prices of commodities.

This volume explores current interventions into the digital labour theory of value, proposing theoretical and empirical work that contributes to our understanding of Marx's labour theory of value, proposes how labour and value are transformed under conditions of digital and social media, and employ the theory in order to shed light on specific practices.

With contributions by Christian Fuchs, Marisol Sandoval, Arwid Lund, Bingqing Xia, Brice Nixon, Eran Fisher, Yuqi Na, Thomas Allmer, Sebastian Sevignani, Jernej Prodnik, Olivier Frayssé, Jakob Rigi, Kylie Jarrett, Andrea Fumagalli, Frederick H. Pitts

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