Andreas Treske on Wed, 1 Oct 2014 17:17:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> Video Vortex 10 Istanbul

Dear friends, 

please check out

We started to post bits and pieces from the upcoming 10th edition of Video Vortex. The program is coming together. Its exciting. Personally, I would never have thought in 2008 that we would have such a reach out and extension of Vortex. Great! 

This Vortex will again be special. 

The plan is to have an opening in public on Friday, 31.10. in the open cinema of SALT BeyoÄlu - you just jump in from the most known and most crowded street in the European center of Istanbul - with a presentation and Q&A with Natalie Bookchin followed by a screening of Rabih MrouÃâs âPixelated Revolutionâ, and the screening with Q&A of Peter Snowdonâs âThe Uprisingâ. Peter connects us back to Vortex 9, where he presented already fragments of it. 

Following up, in addition to what you can read on the website already, there is actually a strong emphasise on the meeting the next day, Saturday, 1st November, with an implied openness, connectivity and networking setup. Here we imagine a round table situation, where we have the possibility to exchange ideas, reflect on, respond, make comments, mix, mash, or simple view and listen. Vortex as an open forum! 
A range of short presentations, demos, and statements will run through the day, and can be picked up by the guests, people joining in. So, there is even still the possibility to make a contribution, to join in @ SALT GALATA. [Our resources are very much limited, but we will put up a list of good and affordable hotels close by the venues and try to get some good deals.]

Of course, we are planing to stream the event and document it, and will put up the links for that on the web as well. 

Looking forward meeting you in Istanbul

Andreas Treske 
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