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<nettime-ann> Digicult / Art Industries. MCD Carte Blanche presentation at Bozar 2014

Bozar Festival 2014 Symposium
âTools for the Unkwnown Future. Art & Digital Technologies: Disruptive Innovation Practices For An Unknown Futureâ

Art Industries. Disruption of the Arts
Presentation of the MCD #72 Issue by Anne-CÃcile Worms (FR), CEO of Art2M (Art2Machine) presented by E.C.A.S. - Tools for an Unknown Future.

With the participation of:
Pia Myrvold (NO) - artist
Marco Mancuso (IT) - critic, curator and Director at Digicult

In a time of economical crisis and cuts to art and culture, itâs increasing the number of international examples, cultural subjects, creative professionals (artists, designers, hackers, makers, musicians, filmmakers â) and industries â ICT, science research, manufacturing processes, robotcs, biotechnologies, artificial intelligence and more â involved in the standardization of sustainable research and development models in order to activate processes of Open Research that are functional to the creation of a âcultural objectâ.

Marco Mancuso, Digicult Director has been invited at Bozar Festival in Brussels - within the symposium âTools for the Unkwnown Future. Art & Digital Technologies: Disruptive Innovation Practices For An Unknown Futureâ - to talk about the Carte Blanche curated for the issue #74 of MagazineÂMCD tomorrow. MCD magazine Director Anne CÃcile Warms will introduce the whole publication leaving Marco Mancuso a room to talk about his researches and the interviews curated within the world of international media art.

For this issue Marco Mancuso focused on the most valuable case studies of Open Innovation strategies in the world of artistic media production, looking at those hidden forms of collaborations between artists, designer, scientists, practioneers, curators, critics, universities, institutions and industries in the world of ICT technologies, applied and medical sciences, open hardware and free software, computational and interaction design, audiovisual technologiesâ

With critical texts by Marc Garrett (Furtherfield), Claudia DâAlonzo (Digicult), Caroline Heron (Metamute) Nik Hafermaas (Uebersee) and interviews to Philip Dean (Aalto Media Factory), Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica), Carlo Ratti (MIT Senseable City Lab), Michael John Gorman (Science Gallery), Jeffrey Huang and Alex Barchiesi (Sinlab), Joachim Sauter (ART+COM).ÂThanks to Donata Marletta and Giulia Baldi for the translations

The publication is at the base of the new courses Marco Mancuso is teaching at NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano named "Tecniche dei Nuovi Media Integrati: Art Industries"

To have more infos about the publication, researches and subjects involved, please write at and check the following links:

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