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<nettime-ann> Factory-Art: 2014 Project Berlin, Eröffnung: 19. Sep. 18-21 Uhr

Title: Untitled Document

2014 Project Berlin          

Mehringdamm 61 - 10961 BERLIN

Opening: SEPTEMBER 19th from 6pm to 9pm
Exhibition: 20th > SEPTEMBER 27th 2014
Tuesday > Friday - noon > 6pm
Saturday > Sunday - 3pm > 7pm

Bogdan Aleksandrov - BG
Leo Bugaev - RU
Tomas Castano - ES
Patricia Creyns - BE
EnDE Sébastien Delahaye-DE
Nick Disaster - IT
Barbara Drev - SI
Maria Es - NL
Marta Ferrate' - ES
Liran Fisher - UK
Enzo Forgione - IT
Hannah Gauntlett - IT
Elisabeth Hurtel - FR
Juhani Jarvinen - FI
Jan Kölling - NL
Kylätasku - DE
Biljana Bakaluca Matic - OM
Agnese Matteini - IT
Mmolnar - HR
Pavel Pangrac - CZ
Boohri Park - DE
Natan Pernick - IS
Inge Reisberman - NL
Chrys Roboras AU/GR
Peter Schudde - NL
Renate Schweizer - DE
Line' Ringtved Thordarson - DK
Myriam Thyes - DE
Tahir Ãœn - TR
Ronis Varlaam - UK

Berlin Art Week - meeting point for the international art scene.
The Berlin Art Week is a unique platform for artists, galleries and institutes and thereby strengthens the city's status as a center for art.

Berlin's arts are once again coordinating Berlin Art Week, 16–21 September 2014,  creating synergies among key players in fairs, exhibitions and discussions.
During the Berlin Art Week, hundreds of galleries present new artists’ projects. Major events such as opening receptions, exhibitions, talks and performances offer the opportunity for collectors, artists, media representatives and international art lovers to meet.
Factory-Art will be there showing artworks by 30 artists selected amongst the many excellent and interesting artists who are joining our FACTORY-ART community. 
Factory-Art open calls bring to artists of all ages cutting edge opportunities to exhibit in our amazing London, New York and Berlin’s venues. A healthy competition pushes forward everything. The open contests, the amazing venues in the right places in New York, London and Berlin, at the right time where the major art events take place make Factory-Art’s contests exclusive and unique opportunities. We are passionate about creating a supportive, inspirational, and friendly environment to help artists and art lovers to meet and interact.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this stunning exhibition!

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