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<nettime-ann> Corporate Curation: Localhost Talks Series

Corporate Curation
25th September, 6.00-7.30pm at the Forest Centre Plus, 38 Castle Terrace, EH3 9JD, Edinburgh, Scotland.

As the art world adjusts after the economic crisis and a series of funding cuts to the state arts budget, assistance from big business is increasingly sought to subsidise cultural production. At a time when many 'emerging artists' are not receiving fair pay for their labour, shouldn't we welcome more investment in the arts, whether the source is public or private? And should we expect big business sponsorship to alter the autonomy of the artist any more or less than the state would?

Looking at Google's recent 'Dev Art' exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London through the frame of a wider historical view on systems of arts patronage, Corporate Curation will contextualise the current neoliberal frameworks of cultural entrepeneurialism and the role big business should play in the arts.

With talks by Jake Watts and Dave Young, followed by an open forum for collective debate.

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