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<nettime-ann> FREE?! A one-day journey into the cultures of sharing - 29/11/13 - Rotterdam


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> FREE?!
> A One-day Journey into the Cultures of Sharing
> Rotterdam, The Netherlands
> Het Nieuwe Instituut
> 29th November 2013
> 13:00-00:00
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> FREE?! investigates one of the great paradoxes of our times: While the
> fast paced development  of digital media and the Internet has made the
> sharing and reuse of cultural products, like movies, music, books as
> well as their tools of creation, extremely easy. Yet at the same time,
> this same technological development allows intellectual property law to
> increasingly enclose culture behind privileged walls, thus tightly
> controlling and policing its access.  Meanwhile, the debate that opposes
> the rights of authors and file sharing has been stifled into a virtual
> trench warfare.  
> Is there a way out?
> FREE?! attempts to answer this question by looking at the alternative
> offered by the free culture movement, both exploring its potential and
> the obstacles it encounters. 
> The concept free culture refers to all forms of cultural expressions
> that have been deliberately âfreedâ by their legitimate authors from the
> limitations that current intellectual property law, such as copyright,
> impose on them. Free culture promotes the free distribution of works and
> tools to create the lowest threshold possible for the access and
> transformation of culture  for an audience as broad as possible. To do
> so, free culture operates as a nested territory, in which  different
> forms of  cooperation and collaboration establish working environments
> and modes of production that are based on sharing and exchanging
> knowledge. This requires a new approach to the production, financing,
> distribution, and appreciation of culture. It is in this particular
> context that FREE?! explores the potential and limits of this
> alternative.
> The program divides into four sections:
> The Free Culture Brunch Club: a series of roundtable discussions around
> key themes that affect free culture: transaction systems,
> entrepreneurship, copyright reform, publishing, documentation and
> archives, as well as tools ownership and appropriation.  
> A public debate about the position of creative entrepreneurs in the
> context of free culture and the fast paced development of digital media
> communication. With Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky), Bruno Felix (Submarine),
> Ton Roosendaal (Blender), Jamie King (VODO), moderated by Felix Stalder
> (World Information Institute, Vienna).
> A multifaceted public evening program where the domain of free culture
> is explored guided by a Winter Nightâs Copyright Fairytale featuring
> DuÅan Barok, Andre Castro, Florian Cramer, Annet Dekker, Jan-Kees van
> Kampen, GÃlÅen Emre, Gijs Gieskes, Eleanor Greenhalgh, Paul Keller,
> Marcell Mars, Nikita Mazurov, Rob Myers, Luc Nagel, Manuel Schmalstieg,
> Femke Snelting, Nan Wang and Dave Young.
> Accompanied by the (Mis)Interpreting Free Culture exhibition of FREE?!,
> in which students and alumni of the Willem de Kooning Academie, the Piet
> Zwart Institute and WORMâs Parallel University are both reflecting and
> inviting you to interpret, as well misinterpret, what free culture is
> about.
> FREE?! is organised by Kennisland in cooperation with the Willem de
> Kooning Academy, the Piet Zwart Institute, WORM, Creating 010, V2_ and
> The New Institute. FREE?! Is made possible with support by the Culture
> Programme of the European Union and the Stimuleringsfonds Creative
> Industrie.
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> Friday November 29th
> Free Culture Brunch Club: 13.00 hrs
> Plenary debate: 16.00 hrs
> Evening program: 19.30 hrs
> Location: The New Institute, Rotterdam
> FREE?! Tickets:
> More information:
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