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<nettime-ann> A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media


Dear Friends and Colleagues, Brothers and Sisters, Comrades and Compatriots:

I am pleased to tell you that my new book, “A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media” has just been published.  I believe it is a welcome and timely antidote to the self-congratulatory praise expressed by corporate media, Wall Street, Hollywood and Silicon Valley, who use their power to claim credit for recent advances made towards a more democratic and participatory media structure.  A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media” gives proper credit and context to the long history of media activists who have fought corporate power for a more democratic media.  In this spirit, the acknowledgement to the book thanks all the “rabble-rousers, artists, trouble-makers, loudmouths, archivists, alchemists, hackers, performers, soap-boxers, pranksters, exhibitionists, activists, organizers and musicians who have conspired to challenge the monopoly of ideas established by media conglomerates and authoritarian governments.”

 I believe it is time for the history of grassroots media activism to be known.

I feel it is really important to get this book out to as wide a public as possible.  Currently, one obstacle is that the book is only in hardback, and is very expensive.  In order to get it into a more affordable paperback and e-book version, libraries and research centers need to order the hardback.  Would you please refer and request the book to any librarians or libraries you may know of?  That would help a lot.

Also, reviews in publications will help tremendously in getting it out into the public. If you know of someone who can review the book, or maybe you yourself want to review it, please let me know and I’ll request a review copy.

Thanks so much for any help you can lend.

Please pass on to anyone who may be interested.

Make Media!  Make Trouble!

-Jesse Drew

Jesse Drew, Ph.D.
Cinema and Technocultural Studies
University of California at Davis
Cruess Hall, Room 238
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

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