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<nettime-ann> "Scanner Darkly" audiovisual installation - opening Sun. 27.01.13

With Apologies for Cross-Posting

"Scanner Darkly"
An audiovisual installation 
by Pierce Warnecke

UdK Meisterschueler Project/ as part of Transmediale P2P Vorspiele

Opening on Sunday Jan 27th 18h
Project space Liebig12
Liebig Str 12, Friedrichshain (U Frankfurter Tor)

In order to better understand us, a machine of non-human origin appears in our reality. Its function is to study the peculiarities of its new surroundings, and this unique position as an external observer results in an imaginary objectivity presented as sonic and visual pieces. To comprehend its new Umwelt, the Machine creates models of what it experiences in our reality: complex interacting systems, cycles of creation and destruction and fragile balances between stability and chaos. 

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