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<nettime-ann> Open Call Windows Zoo

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DAW International 


WindowZoos: Open Call 

About WindowZoos

For the exhibition "Window Zoos", the DAW International is looking for a few additional artworks that use Augmented Reality and Geo Tagged images. The project "WindowZoos" is inspired by an image of a car driving down Singapore’s legendary Orchard Road with its windshield plastered with stickers of popular cartoon characters. In keeping with the idea of the car and the experience it provides those inside it, a concept was developed to transform Orchard Road into a virtual exhibition by overlaying the entire road with geo-tagged media common to game technologies and augmented reality systems. Like the car's windshield, participants' mobile device screens become windows onto the virtual world that is emerging around us, expanding our notion of what constitutes public space and how art can be exhibited. Whether traveling by vehicle or by foot, artworks will augment the "stop and go" journey down the road adding to the hustle and bustle of the people and the glare and flash of window displays and neon signs.

Submission Procedure 

Thematically, the theme and content of the works is open. We particularly welcome works that are suited for presentation in Singapore. All artworks must be finished and submitted and peer reviewed by the appointed jury. Only the best-finished and publicly accessible work will be accepted and included in the show. All accepted works will be included on a comprehensive tour map of the works will be provided with QR Code keying so that visitors can easily select the works positioned along the segments of Orchard Road in Singapore.

Submission deadline: March 17, 2013
Application by 
Email attachments should not exceed 4 MB, image files in 300 dpi 

Material to be submitted

Object Title 
Public Layar URL (such as, 
128 x 128 pixel Icon Image 
100 to 200 word Project Description 
Print-Ready Publicity Image 
100 Word Biography 

For inquire and additional information:

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