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<nettime-ann> Dave Griffiths web commission

Title: Dave Griffiths web commission
Hi there,

Film and Video Umbrella is pleased to announce a series of new online artworks. The first of these is Babel Fiche, a collaborative film project by Dave Griffiths. You can see this work online at www.babelfiche.net and I attach further information here.

I do hope that this exciting new work might be of interest for inclusion on your blog. If you would like further information or images, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Holly Slingsby
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Film and Video Umbrella
8 Vine Yard, London, SE1 1QL
Tel: 020 7407 7755
Fax: 020 7407 7766

Film and Video Umbrella Projects:

Dave Griffiths – Babel Fiche

Phil Collins - marxism today
BFI Gallery, London
04/02/11 – 10/04/11

Ruth Maclennan – Anarcadia
Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
09/04/11 – 17/07/11

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Cory Arcangel – a couple thousand short films about Glenn Gould
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