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<nettime-ann> Gozel Radio # 10 âNeo-Liberal Glocal Imams" 17.03.2011 Berlin Reboot fm


GÃzel Radio # 10 â Neo-Liberal Glocal Imams" 17.03.2011 


PLAYLIST/ARTISTS : Hakki Bulut,Wadadda,2/5bz,Mahsuni Serif,Selda,Anti-HES /Aksu / Hemsin ,Brygada Kryzys,Ankarali NAmik,El-Mahdy,Nizamettin Aric,Simin Ghadiri,Aziz Nesin


isyanbul (istanbul-resistance) is about the struggle of gozel radio characters with the new measures of securitization with microchips, implantable in humans or id cards, the undisputable acceptance of volunteering, the widespread utilization of genetically modified organisms, the use of animals and humans as guinea pigs in experiments, the introduction of neo-liberal family imams, the intensification of palaverel universe nightmares in dna fascism... the response of the turkish movie characters, to the politicians and firms, genetically modifying the truth, and getting the consent of people, first comes with a blow in the face, and then with a genetically modified carrot used as a stake .


GLOCAL IMAMS 30-11-2010



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