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<nettime-ann> Real time composition and performance for a conducted laptop Orchestra: Workshop Sonic Shuffle by Domenico Sciajno in Berlin (D)

Workshop Sonic Shuffle by Domenico Sciajno
Real time composition and performance for a conducted laptop Orchestra

March 21, 23, & 24 2011, 3 Day Workshop in Berlin (D)


Anticipated Participants: This workshop is open to all those who handle, capture, generate, mix and process sounds and music through a laptop computer. Genre and styles are not an issue: each participant can have any background (e.i. academic, non academic…), any approach (e.i. experimental, conventional…) and any field of application (e.i. composition, field recordings, sound design, dj…). Minimum number of participants is 3, maximum is 24. A reasonable range is 6-12 participants.

Workshop description: This workshop is based on Sonic Shuffle by Domenico Sciajno, a conducted graphic score based on a specially designed cards deck for an ensemble of laptop computer or other portable electronic/digital equipment. The core of the workshop consists on developing an awareness in each player of being himself a complex system within a bigger system (the orchestra-ensemble) through the interpretation of essential tasks and processes. Regardless to the interpreter operative field (background, style, approach etc. ), the processes and tasks involved won’t limit his personal creative approach nor his choice of tools and softwares.
In this workshop/score the aim is to avoid the interpreter’s frustration that may occur due to a restrictive set of instructions/software/tools that could also limit his creativity. Central point is in fact to maintain the personality of each interpreter and the peculiarity of his instrument (in term of softwares and tools used), allowing him to give an active and creative contribution (rather than a functional and actuative one) and at the same time a simple system to freely develop processes in a playful, non frustrating way.
Assumed Knowledge for participants: Participants can be musicians, composers, sound designers, dj or any kind of activity related to digital audio, the only assumed knowledge requested is a basic ability to use his own laptop, with his own softwares and controllers to handle, capture, generate, mix and process sounds and music preferably in real time (deferred time is also possible).

About the Conductor: Double bass player and composer of acoustic and electronic music. His interest for improvisation and the influence of academic education, bring his research to the creative possibilities given by the interaction between acoustic instruments, indeterminacy factors and their live processing by electronic devices or computers.
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What to bring: Participants must bring their own laptop or other portable electronic/digital equipment with just line output (no acoustic audible sounds must be emitted) and his own headphones to hear his output. Beside hearing himself through headphones he has to send a copy of his output (with his own cables of a minimum length of 6 meters) as a mono or stereo line out to a main mixer.

Registration: Pre-registration is required and can be done by sending an email to

3 day workshop
14-17 March 21
14-17 March 23
19-22 March 24, including final performance

EUR 75 with a deposit of EUR 25 to be paid beforehand.

NK, Elsenstr. 52/2.Hinterhaus Etage 2, 12059 Berlin
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