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<nettime-ann> The Paper: edition zero is now available


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EDITION ZERO of The Paper is now available - to download the PDF

In this issue:
- The Shoplifter’s Conundrum: Musings on a (non) scandal
- Post-fordist protest
- A retreat to be sure, but a retreat to the only possible victory
- Loveable and Capable
- We are political
- Dangerous Alliances: Class and the Student Movement
- Demonstrations and Diversions
- Libya’s Lost Promise
- Precariousness and the university
- DIY Guide No. 2: Police Guide To Facilitating Peaceful Protest

We have printed 2000 copies of Edition Zero - copies will be available in all good occupations, social centers, bookstores and a few universities too!

If you can help us distribute it please let us know
If you want to contribute
 to the next edition (with writing, editing or printing) send us an email on - deadline for content is 16 March.
If you want a copy of The Paper sent to you and your friends for free - then please send us your address and how many copies you’d like.

[please forward this message to interested folks and networks]

The Paper editorial collective


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