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<nettime-ann> [Newsletter] "What Is Democracy?" exhibitions in Eindhoven and Seville, and more


An 8-channel video installation by Oliver Ressler

Upcoming exhibitions with the 8-channel video installation “What Is Democracy?”:

“Play Van Abbe – Part 4: The Pilgrim, the Tourist, the Flaneur (and the Worker)”
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (NL)
26/02 – 07/08/2011

“Without Reality There Is No Utopia”
Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo – CAAC, Seville (E)
14/04 – 07/2011

“The Politics of Art”
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (GR)
till 30/04/2011

“What is democracy?” is in fact a double question. On the one hand, the question relates to the current conditions of the parliamentary representative democracies that are critically scrutinized by this project. On the other hand, the question traces different approaches to what a more democratic system might look like and which organizational forms it may require.
The project addressed numerous activists and political analysts in 18 cities around the world - Amsterdam, Berkeley, Berlin, Bern, Budapest, Copenhagen, London, Melbourne, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rostock, San Francisco, Sydney, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Thessaloniki and Warsaw - one question: “What is democracy?”.
The video interviews have been recorded since January 2007.
Even though all subjects were asked the same question, the result was a multiplicity of different perspectives and viewpoints of people living in states that are usually labeled as “democracies”. This pool of interviews builds the starting point for eight videos, which are presented in an 8-channel video installation. The installation (re)presents a kind of global analysis of the deep political crises of the Western democratic model.

Detailed description at http://www.ressler.at/what_is_democracy/
For German please check out http://www.ressler.at/de/what_is_democracy/

Ongoing exhibitions with other projects:

“Why do you resist?”
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok (PL)
till 09/03/2011

“Nach Demokratie”
Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (A)
till 12/03/2011

“The Right to Protest”
Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem (IL)

Upcoming screenings with Q & A:

“Comuna im Aufbau” (94 min., 2010)
Top-Kino, Vienna (A)
16.02.2011, 19:00
www.topkino.at  www.sixpackfilm.com

“The Fittest Survive” (23 min., 2006)
“Socialism Failed, Capitalism is Bankrupt. What comes Next?” (19 min., 2010)
Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (NL)
23.02.2100, 19:00
In the framework of the exhibition by Chto Delat

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