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<nettime-ann> ElectroSmog festival documentation finished
Eric Kluitenberg on Wed, 1 Dec 2010 16:26:15 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime-ann> ElectroSmog festival documentation finished

ElectroSmog festival documentation finished

The documentation from the ElectroSmog international festival for sustainable immobility has been finished and all archived resources are now linked via a special overview page at:


The documentation includes full-length and annotated archived recordings of the festival web casts, as well as references to all on-line projects that are currently still available on-line (november 2010) and other relevant resources  that have been produced during the festival.

The ElectroSmog festival was organised in March 2010 and organised distributed over 8 main locations and a host of other connected sites, interconnected via internet. 

The festival was co-ordinated from De Balie, centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam, and execiuted with the following partners: ADA – Aotearoa Digital Arts Network, New Zealand / Banff New Media Institute, Banff / Chelsea College of Art and Design, London / Cool Mediators Foundation, Amsterdam / Engage! Tactical Media, Utrecht / Eyebeam – Art + Technology Center, New York / Floss Manuals – Free Manuals for Free Software, (international network) / The Green Bench, Whanganui, New Zealand / Hivos – Humanist Institute for development Cooperation, The Netherlands / Medialab Prado, Madrid / m-cult- centre for new media culture, Helsinki / Muffatwerk – International Center for Arts and Culture, Munich / REFRAMES, Munich / RIXC – Centre for New Media Culture, Riga.

The radical premise of the festival was to create a truly international event without anybody travelling or moving around. We found out, however, that our reliance on telepresence technologies proved a hard bargain for an international audience event (festival). This essay reflects on the outcomes of the festival and its implications for the telepresence ideology.

Please refer to the posting "Distance versus Desire" for a first take on the outcomes of the festival, which at least should provide ample food for thought for the future..


Eric Kluitenberg

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