Paule Mackrous on Thu, 2 Sep 2010 22:57:27 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> No 37 Net Art Magazine


I would like to announce the 37th issue of the CIAC Magazine : 

“I is another” the 37th issue of CIAC’s e-magazine – is now on line at

The issue offers up an essay by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Serge Tisseron that deals with the upheavals in identity brought about by digital technologies.  Louise Boisclair reflects upon the subject of a recent on-line publication entitled, Le performatif du Web written by Joanne Lalonde, an expert in hypermedia art, published in la Chambre Blanche in 2010. Hilde Corneliussen who has written a number of texts on the issues of identity and feminism in video games offers up her own thoughts on her avatar in World of Warcraft. 

What happened to Adrienne Eisen, one of the pioneers of hypertext, author of Six Sex Scenes? Discover the multiple facets of this author’s personality whose life experiences are quite extraordinary.  

Also on the theme of  “I is another” this issue presents analysis of hypermedia works by Sheila Petty who has written several texts on African identity representation in new media, Fanny Georges, author of the recently published Identités virtuelles. Les profils utilisateur du web 2.0 (2010), Cyril Thomas, curator and editor of the transdigital magazine and Marianne Cloutier, doctoral student and expert on identity issues in bio-art.  

Join CIAC’s e-magazine Facebook community to discover our weekly fiction blogs that will allow us to further explore the theme “I is another”!


Paule Mackrous
Rédactrice en chef/Editor-in-Chief
Magazine électronique du CIAC 
Centre international d'art contemporain

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