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<nettime-ann> PLANETART presents GOGBOT 2010; Singularity: Multimedial art of the future in the present.


From September 9th to 12th The city centre of Enschede will once again be dominated by the annual art, music and technology festival GOGBOT, presented by PLANETART. Technological and scientific advances are accelerating and will - within a few decades - culminate in the demise of the biological man; a theme that is also referred to as Singularity. At GOGBOT 2010 you will for four days full of multimedia, music, interactive installations, nanotech, film, artificial intelligence and the Beauty Salon of the Future be immersed in a world in which humanity has been relegated to the status of pet by ever more intelligent machines, as: The Singularity is Near, Resistance is Futile. GOGBOT 2010 Festival is held free of charge at more than ten locations across Enschede, except for the evening program at Atak.


Machines that take over the world, humanity as the pet of ever smarter artificial intelligences… For some a dystopic scenario of doom, for others the hopeful dawn of a new futurist era. Singularity and transhumanist futurism have long dominated the literary Science Fiction genre. A lot of visual and performance artist also choose this theme in their works. GOGBOT 2010 Festival presents a plethora of international artists in the primarily free art program at various locations in the city centre of Enschede, with the Oude Markt (Old Market) as the spectacular heart of the festival.


Futurist art looks forwards, into the unknown, and draws its inspiration out of what may yet transpire. However that same futurist art is made in the present, uses existing techniques and forces the limits of current technology and concepts to breaking point and beyond. CREW uses the latest advances in immersive technology and omnidirectional video to literaly allow visitors to experience the world through the eyes of another, and exchange both visions. This interactive and exciting live experiences powerfully combines current technology and future experience as performed by the visiors themselves.

Studio Roosegaarde is present with a number of interactive installations, including Liquid Space 6.1, and the Intimacy project with ‘wearable technology’ in collaboration with fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra. Carsten (Alvo Noto) Nicolai moves in the multimedial space between sound art, video art and physical sciences with both his installations and his live concerts. During GOGBOT 2010 the celebrated media artist and manager of the famous Raster Noton record label presents his installation 334m/s, the visualization of the speed of cound, and live his impressive synergy of sound and image.

In Angelo Vermeulen’s hands bacteria get to act on data and video material; they actively corrupt the output flow of his work. In their intriguing 3D-animation, Broersen & Lukacs demonstrate how painfully thin the dividing line is between media idol and media monster. Of course these are just a handful of examples of the wide range of art an performance at the GOGBOT 2010 Festival. For the latest additions and the full program, see


Natasha Vita-More deserves a special mention as the first female proponent of transhumanism, and one of its most famous philosophers. Her work, both theoretical and visual, bears witness to the desire to transcend all human limitations, using biotech, nanotech, robotics, IT, AI, psychology and extreme forms of life extension. Reason, science and technology converge in this approach to attain her goal. Vita-More has exhibitions and will read a lecture on her fascinating but also extreme views on transhumanism during the GOGBOT 2010 Festival lecture series.


When the machines come to power and resistance is futile, you surrender to your machine rhythm and let yourself be swept along to pounding beats. The difference between day and night becomes vague in a world where the distinction between reality and virtual reality grows ever more diffuse. The thump in the background becomes a new call to action; the bell ringing in a near future.

Cease all resistance, take off the armor of your defense and give in to the beat.

Dance you will, swept along by the fierce and merciless hand of the machine hammer.

Dance enthusiasts will be more than satisfied by the GOGBOT 2010 Festival. The festival presents an eclectic and futuristic program.

On the opening night, Daft Punk-coproducer Etienne de Crecy’s robotic electro will emanate from the fabulous The Cube construction by 1024 Architecture. Deeper into the night, the Utrecht 030303 collective will host an proper acid rave.

Electronics with a glitch, hiphop and dubstep with a scratch, always surprising and astonishingly innovative; that is what Dorian Concept is good for. Together with Loops Haunt (cf: The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus) he will bring the house down at the GOGBOT 2010 Festival on Friday evening. Deeper, deeper, deepest you will dive into the dubstep basses on Saturday with leading lights Benga and Eprom. You want it rougher? Sickboy and Ladyscraper will whip it into you; experimetalism is represented by Alva Noto and Atom TM. And the GOGBOT 2010 gives up and coming underground avant-garde a stage with shows by for example Rioteer, Unyx and 2Junxion.


With a day program filled with exhibitions, interactive installations and surprising performance art, and of course free concerts on the Oude Markt (Old Market) in the evenings, the city centre of Enschede will be dominated by the GOGBOT 2010 Festival for four days. In other words: the festival is more, much more than just a few nights of dance, dance and more dance. For those who can survive the dawn, there is more than enough to experience and discover.

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