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<nettime-ann> Call for participation at Olhares de Outono Digital Art Festival



This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Digital Arts Festival "Olhares de Outono", an organization from CITAR (Research Center in the fields of Science and Technology of the Arts) of the Catholics University at Oporto ( ).


Under the theme "Research in Digital Arts: Outlooks", CITAR has the pleasure to host, once again, from the 19th to the 26th of November of 2009, conferences, workshops, events, and artists talks.


This topic aims to promote reflection regarding the progress and the development of the research as well as discussion on the new borders and future directions of the area. In our perspective, Digital Art is a multidisciplinary field that congregates art, science, and practices that appropriate digital technology as a mean of _expression_.


This year's event keeps the same goals of the previous years, that is: to involve the public, to inform the community and to support the artists in their creative process, agreement and appreciation of the Digital Arts. We will continue with a model that in itself seemed, since the beginning, to adjust to this type of events. Once again there will be a place for workshops, open conferences, events, and artists talks to everyone and with free admission.


The organization, once again, appeals to your participation in order to promote the open and frank dialogue around the inherent concepts to the theme of "Research in Digital Arts: Outlooks", with the aim to distinguish, to compare, to contextualize the Digital Arts with the other more traditional forms of plastic _expression_.


Kind Regards,

Luis Teixeira



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