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<nettime-ann> M-MULTIMEDIA SHOW - Torino - A multimedia show at Velan Art Gallery in Torino-Italy- Videoinstallations and sound designs -



“VERSUS 15 Video versus Digital”

Curator: Lorenzo Taiuti

Gallery VELAN SPACE – Torino

Opening: November 4 - 2009 -  7 pm -  till  November 27.

“Versus” will open at the same time in both galleries:

Space Velan1 - Via  Saluzzo 64 & Space Velan 2 - Via Modena 52 – Torino.

Video Installations versus digital sound installations in 8 works by different artists in two different spaces in Torino:

Marco Callea, Simone Catania, Antonio Falbo, Luca Garino, Motor, Irina Novarese, Gabriele Ottino, Alessandro Quaranta.

Coming from different languages they use video and sound design movie and the web.

Different the authors and different thematics: memory, war, movie language, conscience, perception and mental illness.

Lorenzo Taiuti



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