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<nettime-ann> Super Human Symposium Program

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The Australian Network for Art and Technology presents Super Human: Revolution Of The Species Symposium
BMW Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne Australia


8.30am - Registration Desk open (also open Sunday 22 Nov, 3pm - 5pm)

9.30am - Welcome and Introductions

9.45am - Keynote
Barbara Maria Stafford, USA
Transparency or the New Invisibility; the Business of Making Connections

10.50am - Morning Tea

11.10am - Panel
Michele Barker, Australia
Enacting New Media: the Consequences of Embodied Perception on New Media Arts Practice
Dolores Steinman, Canada
New Visual Paradigms in Medical Representations of the Body
Kathryn Hoffmann, USA
Bone Flowers and Wax Girls: Imaginaries of the Body Across Anatomy and Art

12.40pm - Lunch Break

1.40pm - Keynote
Ju Gosling, UK
Super Human Rights

2.45pm - Panel
Kathy Cleland, Australia
Prosthetic Identities and Virtual Cyborgs
Natasha Vita-More, USA
The Sciences and Technologies of Human Enhancement

3.50pm - Afternoon Tea

4.10pm - Panel
Tina Gonsalves, Australia
The Chameleon Project
Mari Velonaki, Australia
Engagement, Trust and Intimacy: Interactions Between a Human and a Robot
Reva Stone, Canada
Past and Possible Future Selves

6.00pm - 8.00pm - Networking Function at Feddish, Federation Square


10.00am - Keynote
Junichi Ushiba, Japan
Brain-Machine Interface into Virtual Worlds

11.05am - Morning Tea

11.25am - Panel
Jonathan Duckworth, Australia
Embodiment and Play: Designing an Interactive Art System for Movement Rehabilitation
Danielle Wilde, Australia
Swing That Thing...Extending our Poetic and Expressive Potential

12.35pm - Lunch Break

1.35pm - Keynote
Tami Spector, USA

2.40pm - Panel
Leah Heiss, Australia
Informing the Development of Therapeutic Nanotechnologies through Creative Practice
Svenja Kratz, Australia
Transformative Transgressions: Biotechnology, Personal Experience, Ethics and Art
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, UK
The Synthetic Kingdom

4.10pm - Afternoon Tea

4.30pm - Keynote
Paul Brown, Australia/UK
Symposium Interlocutor


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