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Sorry for any cross posting...

Become a Reviewer on

Furtherfield receives regular submissions inviting us to feature and review artworks and projects from artists and art groups from all over the world. We have an excellent team of reviewers working with us. Yet, because we are receiving more innovative and high quality artworks for review than we ever have before, it is not easy keeping up with the workload. So, we need more reviewers.

What would you be reviewing?

Media art, net art, open source art and projects, software art, D.I.Y groups, culture and related social networks, live networked art, live Internet tv, tactical media, art blogs, net films, media art connected- self institutions, psychogeography, hacktivism, video game culture, activist games, as well as publictions/books, events, exhibitions online and in physical space, and related conferences. You will be expected to receive suggestions for review, as well as choose your own projects of interest.

We welcome contributions from all kinds of writers - and are always interested in bi-lingual reviewers who are able to introduce/translate work by non-English-speaking cultures. We also want reviewers who are writing about 'media art and ecology' and the contemporary ideas and work coming out of this vibrant and relevant practice. Also, we want you to share your ideas with us in presenting and supporting a diverse movement that we value. If like us, you are passionately and critically engaged in investigating and being part of the constant shifts and reinvention of this ever changing and dynamic - fluid and creative practice, you will be with good company. And as you would expect, there is no money in this but you will be part of a team who believes in what they are doing.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer at Furtherfield and wish to know more about how to join the crew, please contact marc garrett - marc.garrett at

Note: Please do not reply unless you are sure that you are definitely interested.


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