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Mobil Protest

Mobil Protestors are invisible. They create low-level drama noise to a site-specific theater.

Mobil Protest has three initial toolkits: wireless technology, the illusion of images, and the principles of fluid movement through space.

Mobil Protestors do not march, they crowd the area. They do not walk in parades or stand around holding a sign. They look like their advisories. They dress in suites on Wall Street, and like soccer moms in the park. You cant tell them apart, unless you really stop to ask questions. They take up people's time. A flash mob of impostors will always be more confusing than a flash mob of clowns.

Mobil Protestors never break the law, and they record everything.

The goal of Mobil Protest is to create temporary zones of complete system failure. Mobil Protest works to clog every available public resource and line of communication in the physical space of the target.

Tactically, Mobil Protest is an application of Guerilla Warfare to digital resistance.

Mobil Protestors control reality by being in it, at the time and place. Just decide to go get a coffee, and spill it on the way out. Take all the napkins.

The Mobility

The Mobility, or the mobile nobles, are class-less, in that their specialization in movement provides them easy access to both social and physical spaces. Transportation and communication are the central skills of this pursuit; collapsing distance physically and inter- personally.

The Mobility never stay long, but they can always be reached. The can go anywhere and talk to anyone. Because of their unique calling, The Mobility are always at odds with territorialism. Passing through the dividing lines between people and places inevitably calls the Mobility's allegiance into question by those interested in maintaining boundaries. It is not that boundaries are invisible to the Mobility, but rather that the mechanics of territorialization place lower on their list of priorities.

The interest of the Mobility extends beyond cultural tourism; it returns some cultural to the tour. Rather than being consumed by spectacle, they allow the spectacle. Rather than consuming the culture they inhabit, they nourish their hosts. The Mobility act on very small stages and can affect the entire global arena.

The Mobility frees the political imperative from the moral imperative. Their morality is subservient to their perception of reality, broad in their acceptance; ruthless in their punishment.

They identify their preservation with that of the society at large. They are society's protection against the factions of itself; they fight greed as easily as ignorance. They defend the individual, not for their divisions, but outside their awareness.

Neither is The Mobility interested in dissolving boundaries; boundaries are central to an individual's understand of the world and themselves; they create similarity and difference; they are useful in noting the wide array of personalities that comprise our world.

The Mobility do not live in imaginary realities, their preservation depends on their pursuit of what is, rather than what should be.

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