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<nettime-ann> International film competition - "Intervideo Talent Award" - Call for entries

"Intervideo Talent Award" - Call for entries
Deadline: 31.08.09

please find enclosed information about our new film talent award which
takes places in Germany this year.


1.	Documentary style
2.	Fiction / short film
3.	Free choice / animations / graphics

Find the application form and the description of the competition in
English and German at:

Tomorrow, we will see
Realities, Visions, Utopias

Crisis is the word of the present day. We talk about financial crisis,
about climate change, about the threatening collapse of complex systems.
Today, no-one can realistically estimate the driving force of piled-up
energies. That goes for economic systems in the same way as for climate
models, populations and social models.

It has taken us less than 200 years to burn most of the world's oil
reserves and pollute the atmosphere in doing so. The influences of human
actions accumulate in a historically unique way. The world population is
growing so strongly that it can no longer be fed without
energy-intensive food manufacturing. Poverty, famines, social rejections
threaten. Yet, there have always been apocalyptic predictions, just like
unexpected ways out. But what then? What will the world look like after
it has all been overcome?

Tomorrow we will see, the day after tomorrow, beyond uncertainty,
inevitable processes, the world will look different. Visions, utopias,
projections show how life can look after everything has been overcome.
Contemplations, projections from the present to the future.
What seems realistic, what would be desirable? Living, cohabiting,
surviving under conditions that we can barely forecast today. Or a world
without man (maybe he was just an evolutionary slip-up?).

Films can be submitted in three categories:

1.	Documentary style. The compilations of current expert interviews is
not what is meant (there are enough of them), but the formal rendition
with elements of the documentary film: Interview, watching real scenes,
commentary. As we are looking far into the future, a mixture of fiction
and non-fiction is allowed. Yet, this is not a must. Observations of the
present can throw light on the life of tomorrow. In the same way,
fictitious scenes of the future can imply what preceded. Therefore,
reports about the present day are just as possible as fictitious
documentaries, reports, interviews "afterwards".
2.	Fiction / short film. The contents and storyline can also be freely
designed here. The story can take place in the present, in the past or
in the future. It is important that there is a recognizable dramaturgy,
a storyline that is carried by dialogues or drama. The number of roles,
the way the camera works, music and production design can be freely
3.	Free choice / animations / graphics: We are looking for ways of free
artistic  dealing with realities, visions, utopias. Collages, musical
films, animations or combinations are imaginable. There are no limits to
form and aesthetics. It is important that the theme remains coherent.
That means no art as an end in itself but a recognizable approach to the
theme of the competition.


Films can be submitted untill 31st August 2009. The competition is open
for students, apprentices and graduates from sectors like, e.g. TV, film
and media production, media design, animation and multimedia
as well as media technology may participate. The competition is also
aimed at young professionals and job starters with work experience of up
to 2 years.

The prizes will be awarded during the "exground" film festival in
Wiesbaden, Germany on 15th November 2009.

You can find up-to-date information about the competition at and

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