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<nettime-ann> Call for participation on the audio performance Blank Pages #7 et #8 - Berlin - 5&6 Sept


Thomas Thiery and Pierce Warnecke will organize two Blank Pages session (#7 and #8) in Berlin. We search for sound artists or musicians who work with the graphical programming environnements Pure Data or Max/MSP to interpretate the Blank Pages score. This score requires participants to play together and improvise without prior preparation. The Blank Pages score, describes the situation in 4 points : ( :

Pure Data
Blank Page
No load/No Save

Participants are asked to bring a laptop with the software Pure Data or Max / MSP installed.
Seating is limited. Please download and complied the field :

The performance will take place at :

Session #7
05 september 2009 - 2pm
Kiefholzstrasse 19 Berlin

Session #8
06 september 2009 - 5pm
Elsen str 52 2HH Berlin

Feel free to visit the website of Blank Pages. For questions, please send a mail to Thomas Thiery :

For more information :

Blank Pages :
Emitter 19
NK :

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