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<nettime-ann> genderchangers workshop I Sunday, 09.11.08


this is meant for geeks/female techies & artists ** 
*****genderchangers workshop season*****

hi all,
i am pleased to announce the next workshop:

*what: Desktop Virtualization Software
*when: November 9th (12:00-18:00)
*where: Salle Demain | Mauritsstraat 167 (Rotterdam, NL)
*who: Donna Metzlar (workshop facilitator)

what is?
Desktop virtualization software allows you to use Mac OS X, windows and
other operating systems at the same time without rebooting. You can run
both linux and Mac programs at the same time with both programs displayed
simultaneously on the desktop. Basically the software simulates the other
operating systems without installing them on your system.

who is?
-If you are a person that has been thinking of installing linux on your
computer (totally or a dual boot) but haven’t yet made the jump and want
to ‘try it out’.
-If you simply want to occasionally run a linux or windows program on your
Mac without rebooting (or a mac program on linux).

necessary materials:
-Bring your laptop (on which you want to install the desktop
virtualization software)
-Make sure you have 20Gb free on your hard disk.

Donna will take us through the install process in the first part of the
workshop. After a break, she will show how the software works (i.e. to run
a linux program on mac). By the end you will have the software installed
and working on your system as well as knowing how to operate it!

Please be so kind as to let us know if you will participate *and* what OS
you currently use (linux? windows? osx?).

contact: audrey@genderchangers.org


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