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<nettime-ann> Call for Proposals: THEATRE METHODS 09. Between Tradition and Contemporaneity


International Festival-Fair

Between Tradition and Contemporaneity

July 6-12, 2009
Bovec, Slovenia

"Theatre Methods" is the annual professional festival-fair dedicated to the Bridge between Tradition and Contemporaneity in performing arts. The festival is an opportunity to demonstrate methods of training in traditional theatre and to present contemporary works created as the result of traditional theatre training techniques. 

At the moment THEATRE METHODS 09 has been accepting presentation proposals.

Presentation format:
‧ performance (not requiring special technical conditions)
‧ workshop/master class
‧ work in progress 
‧ reading/lecture
‧ any other way of demonstration to the presenter's discretion.

The festival is aimed at new international contacts, creative exchange and communication. "TM" does not imply opportunity of a one-day tour. Important condition of "TM" is that performers and theatres presenting works at the festival participate in the whole programme from the first to the last day - attending other festival events, workshops, performances, etc.

The festival committee is considering proposals in appropriate format only.
Links to web sites are not considered as the application. If you wish to present your work at TM09, please become familiar with Submission Guidelines before submitting your proposal:

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