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<nettime-ann> call for articles, images, etc.

Call for Work-Evolutionary Girls*******Please forward

We Invite submissions for featured artists in our upcoming publication.

The Evolutionary Girls are a group of artists, activists and scholars.
We include all genders. You can read about the group at

Our next book publication (2008-09), will focus on:
The creation and & structure of borders and voice in context with
global and local or domestic relationships, particularly with the rise
of Asian, African and Latina/o communities;

We are also interested in how we as visual artists, educators, and
activists for example, document/ perform/demonstrate this changing
world through our creative work…

Other themes to be explored can include:

Ø hyphenated identities/political/gender/sexual identities

Ø working cross-&#8232;culturally and in group collectives to produce art

Ø performing culture,/creating art

Ø representations of real world and virtual world art and knowledge

Please submit the following on a CD or DVD labeled with your name and
"featured artist submission" to evolutionary girls, 186 Henrietta st.,
Rochester, NY 14620:

-The submission form

-A check for $10 made out to evolutionary girls or an $11 payment via
paypal to

-Please include an image of yourself (300dpi, tiff, RGB, about
3x3").All images should meet these specs.

-The material you are submitting (article, poems, etc.)

-A paragraph that locates your work within the above theme.

All text documents should be .doc (word) documents.
Please save your files as yourlastnametitleofpiece.doc or.tiff.

Due April 30.

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