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<nettime-ann> Female Icons / Performing Evidence: Augustine

As a part of the LIVING ROOM LECTURE SERIES, De Geuzen welcomes
Anke Bangma

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2007 @ 14:30

The event will be streamed live from Rotterdam at:
A chat channel will be open for the duration of the lecture.

Performing Evidence: Augustine

As the veritable ’star’ of the photographic iconography of hysteria
that was assembled under the direction of Jean-Martin Charcot in the
late 19th century, Augustine has become an icon of a particular
fantasy of femininity. Her photographs have been a source of
inspiration as well as intense critical debate, both then and now.
But Augustine also represents a particular fantasy of scientific
representation, and exposes in an exemplary way how the scientific
apparatus produces the phenomena it claims to merely examine.

Anke Bangma (NL) is a cultural theorist and independent curator
based in Rotterdam. She is currently co-editing a book project around
language, memory and the body (forthcoming 2007) and developing an
exhibition with the working title 'Performing Evidence' for Smart
Project Space in Amsterdam (forthcoming 2008).



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