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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Antwerp Art Opening Weekend

 THU 06th - SUN 09th SEPTEMBER


 In the southern part of the city of Antwerp you will find a cluster
of galleries and museums that present exhibitions of visual art. From
Thursday September 6th to Sunday September 9th, 20 galleries, MuHKA
[Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp], PhotoMuseum, The Royal Museum of
Fine Art Antwerp and the Hessenhuis will organise the ANTWERP ART

 This program will start with a n opening for the galleries [from 6 to
9pm] followed by the opening of the exhibition WELCOME HOME [Homage to
Fred Bervoets] at MuHKA. Following this will be a program of several
artists talks, a block party in front of The Royal Museum of Fine Arts
to celebrate the one year anniversary of the specially commissioned
fountain by Cristina Iglesias , the opening of the exhibition Bivak
Gloria at the Hessenhuis and on Sunday the finisage of the MuHKA
exhibition LUC TUYMANS I don't get it.

 Check for more information:

 This program is a collaboration between the Antwerp Art Galleries,
the Photo Museum, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, the
Hessenhuis and MuHKA


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